Training Hour

Our Training Hour classes are from 9:00AM to 10:00AM every Sunday morning.

These are a set of classes that change every quarter designed to help you grow in your personal walk with God.

The Book of James

ROOM 210

The book of James places the spotlight on the necessity for Christians to act in accordance with our faith.  How well do your actions mirror the faith that you proclaim?  Together we will examine our faith during trials, our treatment of those less fortunate, the way you speak and treat others, and the role that money plays on how you live your life.  This class will provide practical biblical application from the book of James.


ROOM 113

Written well over a thousand years before Jesus was born, the book of Genesis contains some types and pictures that point to details about Christ's first and second comings.  In this class, we'll explore seven characters in the book of Genesis that help us understand more about who Jesus is, why it was so important that He came to Earth as a man, and why it is critical that He's returning again.  Each week will be a deep Bible study with some practical applications to help you get a better handle on the first book in your Bible.


NEXTGEN CENTER | High School & Middle School Students

Have you ever wondered what your friend’s church believes about God and the Bible? Have you ever wondered what you believe? Maybe you’re curious what some of the other popular world religions believe. This class is designed for Middle School and High School students to learn what other churches and religions believe, and how to share your faith with friends and family who identify with those groups.   

Jumpstart - Childcare

Please consider being a part of the team that provides a fun and safe atmosphere for kids whose parents are attending the 9:00 am Training Hour. Being a part of JumpStart is all about loving kids and serving their parents.