Training Hour

Our Training Hour classes are from 9:00AM to 10:00AM every Sunday morning.

These are a set of classes that change every quarter designed to help you grow in your personal walk with God.

Discipleship Refresh

Biblical Discipleship has been a pivotal part of First Baptist Church for many years. It’s vital to our continued growth and development to stay in tune with the vision that God has set for us corporately. Whether you’ve successfully discipled others already, or just want to know how to do so, this is the class for you. If you desire to make disciples here at First Baptist you will want to join us as we use this class to reset our commitment and refresh our vision for teaching others how to walk with the Lord. 

3-Point Passages

We are very excited about individuals in our church that have taken seriously their call to become better ministers of the word of God. In this class, you will hear from several of those men as they teach from various places in God’s word. Each has selected a passage and will be teaching a 3-point message from that text, allowing them to put into practice the skills and techniques they've been learning in LFBI. Join us to learn from God’s word and support these men in their development as leaders and teachers.   

Jumpstart - Childcare

Please consider being a part of the team that provides a fun and safe atmosphere for kids whose parents are attending the 9:00 am Training Hour. Being a part of JumpStart is all about loving kids and serving their parents.