Battlefield, Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, Halo.... The list of popular war genre video games goes on and on! What makes these types of games so popular? Is it the stress of survival, trying to be the last one standing? Or, maybe, it’s the thrill of working as a team to overcome the enemy? Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: video games are not the real thing.

Real wars have been waged for centuries, and they are no game. But these battles between nations really just reflect the ultimate spiritual battle in the universe: Good vs. Evil. God has a plan, and the Enemy wants to destroy it.

This year at Summer Camp, you are invited to join Ignite & Xtreme to find out what that battle is, and how you are a part of it. Come and experience exciting games, live music, and powerful teaching!

See you on the Battlefield.



Early Bird (before May 6): $250

Full Price (after May 6): $300
First Time Guest: $200*

Multiple-Student Family Discount:

                First Student: Full Price
                Each Additional Student: $25 off

Payment Plan: You can make up to four payments of no less than $50 per payment.

Fundraisers: Available until May 28

Registration Cut-OffFriday, June 1 at 5pm

You may make payments up until Sunday June 3rd, but no new registrations will be taken after Friday, June 1st.

*First time guest price is only for non-regular attenders of Xtreme and Ignite.


Camp Michindoh 4545 E. Bacon Rd Hillsdale, MI 49242

Depart from FBC: 9:30am, Monday, June 4 Return to FBC: 3:30pm, Friday, June 8

What to Bring:

Sleeping bag, pillow, towel, change of clothes & toiletries for entire week, modest swimsuit, cash for two fast food lunches, Bible & pen, etc.

*Only medication prescribed by a doctor will be permitted.

What Not to Bring:

Fireworks, weapons, drugs, alcohol, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, etc.

What to Do:

300 foot waterslide, lake, paddleboats, canoeing, blob, fishing, indoor & outdoor sports courts & fields, archery tag, great food, fun, and more!