“Discipleship” is the process of making disciples of Jesus Christ. It involves the care and teaching of new believers, helping them grow to full maturity in Jesus Christ and find their place of service in God’s family. To facilitate this growth, we offer three levels of training. 


This introductory level is taught one-on-one by a personal tutor/mentor relationship with someone who is a little further along in their walk with the Lord. The mentor and disciple will usually sit down together over a cup of coffee, share life together and work through a Bible-centered lesson. There are 17 short, yet thorough, lessons covering the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith.


This intermediate level is taught in a classroom of students that have successfully completed Personal Discipleship. This is a two-year curriculum offering 6 classes:

  • The Philosophy of Discipleship
  • The Process of Spiritual Maturity
  • Personal Evangelism
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Understanding Your Walk with God
  • Spiritual Gifts

The purpose of MTT is to provide key tools and training to equip the disciple to effectively minister the word of God.


This advanced level is taken through online classes with independent study of the deeper doctrines of the Bible. The classes are taught by pastors from a like-minded network of churches. The purpose of LFBI is to prepare the disciple for leadership in ministry. Successful completion of LFBI would qualify the disciple for biblical ordination and vocational church leadership.